An Invitation

The largest religious group in the country after Roman Catholics is fallen away Roman Catholics. About 20 million to be precise and growing every day. The majority of these folks don’t join another faith. When asked why they don’t return to their faith, most answer “no on ever invited me to come back.” Most non practicing Catholics would prefer to return to the church, however … Continue reading An Invitation

The Smile Ministry

  A common complaint among the grads of our Welcoming Catholics Home program, for fallen away Catholics, is that they don’t feel “welcome” when they return to the church. They long for the feelings of “connection and belonging.” Some returnees actually attended  protestant or evangelical churches where they were targeted and welcomed heartily and encouraged to attend services. They felt wanted and included immediately. In … Continue reading The Smile Ministry

A New Year’s Resolution

In his article “In Hoc Anno Domini”, Vermont Royster points out that when Christ was born the whole world was in bondage, there was one state and that was Rome and one master and that was Tiberius Caesar. Everywhere there was civil order and stability but everywhere there was something else, oppression. What was a man for but to serve Caesar? There was persecution of those … Continue reading A New Year’s Resolution