Proclaim through Witness and Words

Here are some thoughts from Scott Hahn’s book titled “Evangelizing Catholics”  that you might find helpful in becoming a more effective evangelist. St. Francis advice to”Preach the Gospel always,when necessary use words.”is often the guide people use to be a witness to their faith today. This is how they believe they are evangelizing those around them. But words matter too.  The reason they are essential … Continue reading Proclaim through Witness and Words

The Benedict Option

In our last posting Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia saw two choices for Catholics living in a post Christian America. One was to retreat and the other to lead a vigorous faith filled life. An article in the the WSJ dated Sunday ,February 18/19 ,2017 presented the retreat choice. In 1999 a few monks arrived in Hulbert, Oklahoma and proceeded to build a Benedictine Monastery in … Continue reading The Benedict Option