Strangers in a Strange Land

Recently, Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia appeared on EWTN. He is the author of the book “Strangers in a Strange Land” in which he shares his concern for how Catholics can live their faith vigorously in a post Christian public square. He commented that attendance in his diocese is down 80%….only 20% of his flock attend mass. He recalled the Church he grew up in during … Continue reading Strangers in a Strange Land

Spiritual “To Do List”

Most of us put order and purpose into our lives by writing out a daily”to do list”. It captures what we believe to be the most important stuff we need to get done deadlines at work, family responsibilities, Dr. appointments etc. Look at your list again. Is there something missing? Shift gears for a moment and consider what a daily “spiritual to do list” might … Continue reading Spiritual “To Do List”

The Flowers of Tomorrow

Did you ever wonder what Christ was thinking when he chose the 12 apostles? In the gospel reading of the calling of the twelve names are rather matter of factly read off. Let’s start with James and John or as Jesus called them “The Sons of Thunder”. Today we could call them hotheads…troublemakers. Then there was Matthew who was a tax collector..The most hated of … Continue reading The Flowers of Tomorrow