In the boat with Jesus


We all know the story of the storm wracked boat on the Sea of Galilee with Jesus asleep and the apostles so overwhelmed with fear of going under……this was a life threatening situation and Jesus was asleep at the bottom of the boat. They screamed his name and pleaded with him to save them.When they were desperate and faced with death they saw only  him.  He awoke and calmed the seas, telling them not to be afraid.

In our own little boat of life, sometimes the waters of life are calm, sometimes they are turbulent.  It’s important to remember that Jesus is in that boat with us, whether everything is going along smoothly or we are in a hurricane.

Always know that the right place to go is  to Jesus.  He gives us the courage to face the storms of life.

You might ask yourself,  Jesus being God, most likely knew there would be a storm that day  and he still went with his friends.  Jesus leads us into the storms because he wants us to turn to him to save ourselves.

Remember, God is only a prayer away. Is Jesus in the boat with you?



4 thoughts on “In the boat with Jesus

  1. I really like your comment about Jesus being right there with his friends knowing how desperately they would need him and your question, “Is Jesus in the boat with you?” Sometimes it is hard to keep in mind that we’re not in this alone. Our life is a joint venture.


  2. Prayer is the only answer. Our free will often gets in the way of our focus on God. Our daily hurdles through life, and choosing how to avoid the obstacle courses we encounter, are all too often managed with our own personal problem solving excercises. Did we pray first before we “stormed” through a tough day? Prayer should be our daily launch pad.


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